About the team 

We are a team of experts in several fields to make any ambitious project easily achievable.

 Fractal Apps uses a lot of remote working and new technologies to ease teamwork as much as possible. 

There is no specific location, but the HQ is in Pondicherry, India (in transition phase). 

About the CEO

Nicolas Martin is a Full Stack Data Scientist ranked 3rd in the 2022s Data Science Stack Exchange and has worked in service development for years, including industry and finance. He has a Mastel Level teacher certificate in Artificial Intelligence and has ensured many classes for companies.

 Would you be interested in a new AI web service project?

 We are looking for projects to create new AI web services. If you have a project idea or need to implement an algorithm in a fully scalable web service, please complete this form. We will be sure to answer you soon.