Optimal AI Strategies for Companies

By Nicolas Martin, Senior Full Stack Data Scientist, Fractal-Apps CEO & Founder, 19/04/2024. Last update: 02/05/2024 (additional links).

These are exciting times, not just because of AI technologies' potential and all the global challenges AI can help us solve. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fastest-growing technology in recent history, with incredible adoption by millions in 2023-2024. While some people are skeptical about adopting AI, often due to ethical concerns, it's important to recognize that the most competitive companies are already harnessing their power thanks to AI. For them, it's not a choice. Prominent leaders like OpenAI have disruptive innovations that are game changers. ChatGPT 5 is expected to be way better than ChatGPT 3 and 4. Most companies know that AI will replace their activity or at least improve them significantly. Nevertheless, we are still in a transition phase: Many tools haven’t reached the business quality standards yet, but they have interesting results and are improving quickly. This substantial evolution and good results force companies to adopt AI, offering a promising path to remain competitive in the long term. Therefore, they must adapt swiftly to the latest tools and algorithms.  In this context, in 2024, qualified trainers and advisers are not just crucial but a necessity.  

The current context 

Countries with higher adoptions are more likely to use and develop AI in the coming years. Despite the willingness of many evolving countries to adopt AI, the USA and China are way ahead in developing AI services. However, thanks to massive investments, India, Russia, and Brazil are becoming leaders in AI. From an investment point of view, more than 150 billion dollars were invested in AI in 2024, mainly from the USA and China. Furthermore, a recent study from Goldman Sachs shows that at least 30% of companies are willing to invest in AI in 2024. They predict that, globally, 18% of the jobs would be affected by AI. In another recent study from IBM, 25% of current work tasks could be automated by AI in the USA and Europe. Western countries are primarily impacted by high labor costs. This could be more if new disruptive AIs like ChatGPT 5 have unexpected capabilities. 

The future arena 

Companies, including the ones working already with AI, must have an idea of what the future will be in the coming years with AI. This is crucial for making the best decisions possible in a long-term perspective.  And even if no one is sure about the future, we should listen to major AI scientists like Yann Lecun, Elon Musk, or Sam Altman. Regardless we agree with them or not, they have a deeper understanding than us about the innovations in AI because they lead them.  2024 is already great, and several predictions from this article, like the democratization of video generation or the greater development of robotics, are already confirmed. 

By "Free AIs," I mean AIs like ChatGPT, Grok, or Co-Pilot, which can fulfill different tasks and are expected to enlarge their capabilities in the coming years.  Sam Altman plans that GPT6 will help in a lot of activities, including scientific research, but will mostly impact white collars who have simple tasks. I also include more than 10,000 AI tools with improving results. People who master those AIs are likelier to succeed, and early adopters have a head start against the competition.  Around 2025-2026, we should expect a much better quality to fulfill many complex tasks. 

Year of public availability: 2025-2026


AGIs are still subject to debate among the scientific AI community, but I believe they will be created soon because of the increasing connection between the LLMs and the Internet, like Co-Pilot, and their increasing intelligence. According to this article, Sam Altman said AGI could be developed in the near future and has a vision where multiple AGIs compete with each other. In this article, Arthur Mensch, Mistral's CEO, warns about the ambition of many AI scientists to build an AGI to reach a god-like level. This isn't absurd, nor always bad: many humans have been on a quest for power, and AI has good arguments to increase their power in the near future. For example, Elon Musk plans "to build a good AGI with the overarching purpose of just trying to understand the universe," which is effectively something related to God. 

Year of public availability: 2026-2028


According to Yann Lecun, there will soon be connected devices like augmented reality glasses to interact between the real world and the Internet. Not to mention Elon Musk's Neuralink already has impressive results and allows paralysed people to interact with computers by their thoughts. Considering the previous technological leaps thanks to AI, it is likely that human-interface technologies will arrive to the public sooner than expected. 

Year of public availability: 2028-2030


Other technologies to watch 

Now that we have understood the present context and have some insights about the future, let's examine the best strategy options for the companies.

The best solution: Increasing skills and collaboration about AI 

AI has a significant impact on our daily lives and will become even more critical in the near future; companies must adapt to this reality by increasing their workforce skills and their services with AI. However, workforce skills and services are linked. Indeed, empowering them with AI will drastically increase their competitive chances. They could learn everything with AI, but integrating into projects could be slow and difficult. That's why trainers and advisors in AI are the best solutions to reach such objectives quickly by getting benefits from their long-term experience in AI algorithms and practical knowledge from many business projects. 

We must be careful in selecting the right advisor, because the training or consultancy prices are generally very expensive. Here are some tips for selecting the right consultancy or training company:

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