Trainings are certified at the Master's Level from a French Engineering University. 

They aim to empower users with Artificial Intelligence in their specific domain of expertise.


The business training covers the main business activities in your company. The aim is to empower your employees to understand the main principles of Artificial Intelligence, and take advantage of it. 

That's why an initial meeting is necessary to understand your company's needs and create a training program that's 100% tailored to the various trades. 

Your employees will benefit from training to use tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude, as well as other innovative tools among over 10,000 existing ones. 

Cost: $1000 per employee.

Duration: 2 hours.

Prerequisites: None.



The algorithms' training provides good knowledge of various data science algorithms and deep learning models. In addition to the explanations and the proven practices to master algorithms, there are real applications in the company's projects so that the company can benefit directly from the acquired skills. 

The training includes Machine Learning Engineering, Data management, and Business Intelligence. 

Cost: $5000 per employee.

Duration: 10 hours, including 5 hours of support for real company AI projects.

Prerequisites: Scientific Engineering Master level.


Full Stack

This training is to become a Full Stack Data Scientist and build end-to-end AI services. In addition to the algorithm training, there is a focus on machine learning engineering and Google services like Google Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc. 

Cost: $10000 per employee.

Duration: 20 hours, including 8 hours of support for a concrete company AI project.

Prerequisites: Scientific Engineering Master level.